touching story

Really sad  !!!!!

'In a store I found myself
>>>> In the aisle of toys. From the corner of the eye, I>>>> noticed a small boy of about 5>>>> years, which took a pretty little doll against him. >>> It kept him caress>>>> hair and tighten gently against him. I>>>> asked which was designed doll. >>>> Then the little boy>>>> returned to the lady near>>>> him: 'My aunt, are you sure I>>>> do not have enough under? >>> The lady replied with a little>>>> impatience:>>>> 'you know that you do not have enough>>>> under for the purchase. >>>> Then his aunt asked him to stay>>>> and wait a few minutes. >>> Then she went quickly>>> The boy always took the>>>> doll in his hands. Finally,>>>> I am directed to him,>>> and asked him who he wanted>>>> give the doll. >>>> 'This is the doll that my little sister>>>> wanted more than anything for Christmas>>>> She was sure that the>>>> Father Christmas to bring the>>>>>>>> 'I told him then he would maybe>>>> it. " >>>> I replied sadly: 'No,>>>> Santa Claus can not go where my>>>> little sister is now. >>> 'I need to give the doll to my>>>> Mom to bring him'>>>>>>> It was so sad eyes>>>> saying that. >>>> 'It is a party to join Jesus. Papa>>>> said that Mom will go find>>>> Jesus soon it>>>> also, so I thought it might>>>> take the doll with her and>>>> give my little sister>>>>>>>> My heart has almost stopped>>>> The boy beat lifted>>> eyes to me and said: '>>>> I said dad to tell Mom not>>>> starting immediately. I have>>>> asked to wait until I>>>> back of the store '>>>>>>>> Then he showed me a photo of him>>>> taken in the store, which >>>> He took the doll to me>>>> saying: 'I want mom also brings>>>> this photo with her, as>>>> it, it does not m'oubliera. >>>> I love my mother and I'd like to do it>>>> me quitte pas, but Dad said>>>> it's got to go with>>>> my little sister '> >>>>>>> Then he lowered his head and remained>>>> silent. I excavated in my bag>>>> hands, and I released a>>>> bundle of banknotes and I asked the smaller>>>> boy:>>>> 'And if your recomptait in a>> >> Last time to be safe? '>>>>' OK ', he said,' It is important that I>>>> enough '. >>>>>>>> I glissai my money with his own and>>>> we started compter.Il y>>>> had ample for>>>> doll and even more. Slowly,>>>> boy whispered: 'Thank you Jesus>>>> for giving me enough under'. >>>>>>>> Then he looked at me and said: 'I>>>> asked Jesus to arrange for>>>> I have enough sub for>>>> buy this doll so that my mom>>>> can bring to my sister. He>>>> heard my prayer. I also wanted to have>>> under enough for>>>> buy a white rose to my>>>> mother, but I could not him>>>> ask. But he gave me enough>>>> under to buy the doll and>>>> white rose. You know,>>>> my mom loves so roses>>>> white ... ' >>>>>>>> A few minutes later, his aunt>>>> returned, and I m'éloignai pushing>>>> my basket. I terminai>>>> my shopping in a state of mind>>>> completely different from that in>>>> which I had>>>> commencé.Je could not forget the>>>> little boy. Then I>>>> recalled an article published in the newspaper a few>> days>>>> before, who spoke of a driver>>>> drunk who>>>> had hit a car in which>>>> found a young woman and her daughter. >>>>>>>> The girl died on the spot>>>> and mother seriously injured. >>>>>>>> The family had to decide whether they would>>>> make unplug the respirator. >>>>>>>> Was that the family of this>>>> boy? Two days later,>>>> I read in the newspaper that>>>> the young woman was dead. I could not>>>> help to buy a>>>> bouquet of white roses and me>>>> make mortuary where the lounge was>>>> exposed the young lady. >>>> It was there, holding a beautiful rose>>>> white in his hand, with the doll>>>> and the picture of smaller>>>> boy in the store. I left the>>>> salon in tears feeling that my>>>> life would change forever. >>> The love that this little boy>>>> experiencing for his mother and his sister>>>> was so great,>>>> so incredible. >>>>>>>> And in a split second, a>>>> drunk driver while she was kidnapped. "
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